Welcome to Chi Alpha! Chi Alpha is a club at George Mason University that focuses on building community on campus through fellowship. We had a great Summer Semester and are ready to see great things come up to this Fall. WorshipFest is coming up on July 26th at 7:00PM at Jubilee Christian Center: 4650 Shirley Gate Rd. Fairfax VA 22030. Plenty of events still happening throughout the semester!


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The Life of Esther

Have you ever felt like you weren’t qualified? Isn’t he messy world of job hunting, interviews, cover letters, and resumes, we jump through fiery hoops in hopes of landing our dream job. But as under-estimators we can eliminate ourselves from opportunities that could bear much fruit in our lives. The Bible talks about a woman named Esther, who understood what it felt like to feel under qualified.

The Life of Jonah

Why are you running away from your shadow? There’s a funny GIF I saw of a young girl running away from her shadow and looking back to see if it was still there. The young girl couldn’t realize that no matter how much she ran, the shadow was right behind her. While it’s easy to laugh at a toddler, how many of us are actually running away from the person God has called us to be? 

The Life of David

Have you ever wondered how some people always look like they have it all together? Try to define that person in your mind and hold that thought for a few seconds. Now with that perspective, let’s look at the life of David. David is a very popular Bible character, who was a remarkable and courageous warrior since youth. I mean, how many could say they’ve defeated a GIANT with just a sling and stone when they were a teenager? The truth is, as glamorous and perfect as David might have seemed, he was still flawed just like you and me.  The all-knowing God knew that David would have short-comings, but He still called David for a specific purpose and anointed him.

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