About Us

Our Mission: Invite, Disciple, & Multiply


Being active in reaching out to those in our spheres of influence with the love of Jesus.


Being faithful in pouring God’s word into each person in both prayer and devotion.


Being intentional in raising up disciple-makers who will usher in the next generation of disciples.

Our Vision

Is to see the lives of many George Mason students changed through the redemptive and fulfilling power of Jesus Christ. We believe that the Bible + Small Groups = Discipleship at its finest. Our goal is to help students cultivate strong, and healthy relationships with Jesus through community and family surrounded around God’s Word. We hope to see the love of God spread throughout campus and beyond campus-life through the transformed lives coming from Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship.”

Our Awesome Team

Caleb Yirdaw

Campus Pastor

Moises Davidson

Missionary Associate

Mikala Davis

Missionary Associate

Nate Kamau

Volunteer Missionary

Elsie Amoako-Kissi

Volunteer Missionary

Feven Kebede

Organization President

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