Sharing the Burden Part 3

How many of you have control over your lives right now? Trying to keep everything in our control feels like swimming across the Atlantic with weights tied around our ankles.  We live in a society where its all about who can get to the finish line first with the most tasks on their plate. Sometimes we struggle just to find some breathing room in our day-to-day lives. When we are so busy trying to keep things under control we forget the one who is in control of everything. Isaiah 40:12-14 reminds us of God’s control over the universe and keeps us grounded in his loving care for us. Continue reading “Sharing the Burden Part 3”

Sharing the Burden Part 2

Have you ever wished there were more hours in the day? Do you ever feel like no matter how hard you work you just can’t seem to get everything done? Last week we talked about the reasons why we keep the heavy burdens of life to ourselves. Whether it’s because we feel like we can’t trust other people, or we don’t want to be a burden to others, it doesn’t change the fact that we feel overwhelmed. As we read through Exodus 18:19-23 we’ll focus on the importance of our God-given task, how we can share the workload, and what it will accomplish in our lives.  Continue reading “Sharing the Burden Part 2”

Sharing the Burden Part 1

Have you ever felt like you had the weight of the world on your shoulders? Or that people were expecting too much from you? The feeling of being overwhelmed is not unfamiliar to most of us, and over time, can leave us feeling tired and ineffective. We tend to start blaming ourselves and others for not meeting up to par with expectations, and we spiral out of control. God understands why we as His children, tend to keep the burden of worry and responsibility to ourselves. Exodus 18 gives us a great depiction of the heavy burden we carry sometimes. Continue reading “Sharing the Burden Part 1”