Jesus Cleanses the Temple Part 2

How many times have we told ourselves to stop a bad habit or to start a good one? How many times have we succeeded? Usually when we make life-changing decisions, most of the progress is measured by the reaction of people. Last week, we learned about how we were always meant to be a temple for God and that Jesus is our defender from the control of sin. This week, we’ll focus on the second part of Matthew 21:12-17 and discover together the life-changing journey with Jesus, and how he is our healer. Continue reading “Jesus Cleanses the Temple Part 2”

Jesus Cleanses the Temple Part 1

It’s easy to look at the scene in Matthew 21:12-17 and conclude that Jesus was angry with people, and you’d be right, Jesus was angry, but who or what was he really angry about? Through this passage, we learn more about the character of Jesus and how he is our protector and defender, and the one who has authority over the things that seek to define and control us. Continue reading “Jesus Cleanses the Temple Part 1”

Jesus Heals Two Blind Men

We find this story in Matthew 20:29-34 where Jesus Miraculously heals two blind men sitting by the roadside outside the gates of Jericho. Its not a long read, just five verses, but this reading unpacks most certainly what we all go through today in our walks of faith. It also proves a point: That Jesus is more than just someone who “saved” us, He continues to be our Lord who saves us everyday with an abounding amount of grace and love. Continue reading “Jesus Heals Two Blind Men”