Below are a bunch of different series we have for students. We have devotionals that answer the hard questions about God, and that challenge us spiritually in our walk of faith. Check them out below and feel free to bring up any comments or questions to our weekly meetings or life-groups.


“Broken Pieces” is a series that focuses on the broken lives of God’s chosen people. Most of the celebrities in the bible have had a rap-sheet of problems, but God continues to glorify his name through broken people.


“Gold Nuggets” focuses on passages in scripture that we overlook or underestimate but still relate to our lives in a big way. Little nuggets but very valuable.


We live in a community where everything is fast paced: work, school, family. Things can get to the point where we are carrying a lot of baggage on our own. This series will give some insight in how we can trust in God and others through our struggles.


Who is Jesus? What does He have to do with me? This series on “Our Relationship with Jesus” helps us understand our connection to our Lord and Savior. Let’s discover what it means to live a life with Jesus.


The “Counting the Cost” series focuses on what it really means to call Jesus Christ Lord of our lives. What are his desires for us? What does that mean for me? How much does it cost?


“Does God Really Understand Me?” is a three part series that focuses on the hard questions we ask God when it comes to how we feel. Does God really know how we feel? Lets find out!